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O & P Home Health is proud to announce the use of tiger connect. A secure, HIPAA compliant and encrypted way of care coordination through text messaging which improves care quality, facilitates better team coordination and eliminates inefficiencies that ultimately improves patient care (for more details go to


O & P Home Health Care is one of the

Chicago's premiere providers of home

health services. We help our patients

achieve greater independence by

providing the home healthcare services

they need within the comfort of their own



The team of experts at O & P Home

Health Care is dedicated to helping each

patient achieve greater independence and

quality of life by providing the care they

need within the comfort of their own

home. Please check our Programs.


As a leading home healthcare provider,

O & P Home Health Care understands

how important it is to know your options

when making a decision about your or a f

amily member's healthcare. Please

check our resource links.


ACHC has gained respect and

recognition as an accrediting

organization uniquely committed

to health care providers. We have

adopted a participatory approach

to standards development that

actively solicits the input of those

most knowledgeable about

current approaches to care.